Lite Version

Only into its second day of sale, Apple recognized the"iNoteBox HD" app and put it right on top of the Productive category of the App Store, listing it under "New & Noteworthy" section.


Finally, iNoteBox HD includes calander and Todo to support your life style easily.
It's changed to the powerful and diverse application from simple multimedia note application.
You can see all special events of your calendar at a glance. Also, next month events and pervious month events can be checked at one swoop.
Each event can be become Todo. And it will help to organize your life. Try simple filtering for complete/incomplete Todo.
iNoteBox HD (calendar + Todo) will be the greatest partner application in your business , study, and personal life.

Multimedia Note

You can create your own colorful notes by inserting various multimedia objects along with texts.
You can insert images, voice recordings, videos, hand-drawings, hand-written notes, web clips, and maps anywhere between the typed texts inside a note.

The inserted multimedia can be aligned left/right/center and re-scaled to three sizes.
Additionally, you can choose from the numerous fonts and sizes available in the iPad and also set the color of text for better looking notes.
Playing the inserted videos and voice recordings anytime provides a different experience from the still notes.

PDF Annotation, Hand-writing & Hand-drawing

The easy and simple hand-draw function will give you an unique note creation experience.
You can set pen, brush, and color functions in the hand-draw mode in addition to changing sizes.
Also, pictures, maps, and web clips can be set in the background which can make your notes more expressive and more informational.


The folder function will help you organize and classify your notes.
Various icons can be assigned to the folders which makes it easier to identify the folders better than in any other system.


If you have an iPhone, you can use the free application Picture Memo from the App Store.
Memos (text, voice, photos) that are created or recorded in the Picture Memo app on the iPhone with its easy mobility can be transferred and saved to iNoteBox HD!.

Posting of Notes

Once notes are created, they can be posted through a note posting server (temporary service) or Google blogs. They can also be sent by email in zipped HTML or PDF formats (some fonts are not available on PC) or as attachments.
The posted notes can also be posted to Facebook through link notice or sent by email and clipboard copying.


Q) How to move all notes from lite version to full version?
A) Please refer links. 1) move via direct(recommend) 2) move via backup.

Q) Printed image is fussy?
A) Default value of image quality is set as medium for speed and memory consumption. but you can set 5 levels of quality. If you want to see a clear and high quality image in your iPad and on printed paper, please set to 'highest' quality.

Q) How can you send email when My Nootbook is abnormally terminated (crash) ?
1) what did you do
2) what can you see
3) with crash log ( how to get crash log : )
-We fully tested our application before releasing it
-But crash problem of our application was reported from some user
-Because This problem was rarely reported , we couldn't get any crash related information from apple
-We are trying to fix the problem but we couldn't even reproduce it.
-We still focus the issue and we are trying to gather information from user who has the same problem
-If you send crash file to us , it will be helpful to us and we can fix the issue quickly

- Trilinkee intends to provide a high degree of usability and various new features with continuous version updates.

  • 5.4.2
    fix font changing problem 

  • - 5.4.1
    fix crash for iOS5.0

  • 5.4
    - add screen magnifier
    - add note to import web page
    - add list, day, week, month mode in home calendar
    - change UI/UX

  • - 5.2
    Support PDF Note.
    Improve note UI/UX.
    Fix bugs.

  • - 5.0
    Support check list note and object.
    Support "Open In…" for note and objects.
    Any note of iNoteBox HD can be sent via email and received file can be added into iNoteBox HD.
    Support full sync iNoteBox HD on two devices via bluetooth.
    Support iOS 5.0 split keyboard.
    Fix crash and freeze bugs.
    Fix calendar update bugs.

  • - 4.8.1
    Upgrade to iOS5.0

  • - 4.6 version
    Support calendar on iNoteBox HD!.

  • - 4.5 version
    Support background recording and playing. 
    Support transfer note via Bluetooth. 
    Support search location by keyword or address on map. 
    Fix minor bugs. 

  • - 4.4 version
    minor update.

  • - 4.3 version
    minor update.

  • - 4.2 version
    Support default theme of note for each folder
    Support Palmpad on handdraw & hand writing.
    Fix crash issue : Unicode importing.
    Fix Minor bugs

  • - 4.1 version
    Add backup all notes to Dropbox.
    Add trash can functionality.
    Fix minor bugs.
    Fix crash bugs.

  • - 4.0 version
    Handdraw note.
    Handwrite note.
    Beautiful note theme.
    UI & UX improve.
    Thumbnail view.
    Object preview.
    Wi-Fi backup and restore.
    Wi-Fi note sharing.(admin and guest mode)

  • - 3.0 version
    Support iOS 4.2 print(Local note, Google Docs and Dropbox).
    Improve Handdraw.
    Support copy and paste inserted object.
    Support note date modification for calendar view.

  • - 2.0 version released
    Integrate GoogleDocs into iNoteBox HD!.
    Integrate Dropbox into iNoteBox HD!.
    interoperability with Google Docs and Dropbox (this is not a just sync!!)
    Fix minor bugs. Improved UI.
    Change tagging.
    iOS 4.2 suport.

  • - 1.0.1 version released
    Folder sort.