-Very fast startup time
    -Fast address book loading for sorted contacts
    On iPod 2nd: Under 2 seconds for 1,000 contacts. Under 6 seconds for 5,000 contacts
    On iPhone: Under a second for 500 contacts or under 2 seconds for 5,000 contacts

    -Fast and asynchronous loading of sorted contacts
    -Easy to use of calling, text messaging, emailing, and browsing
    -Highly usable function of linking relationship between contacts
    -Grouping of related links with Linkee
    -Highly usable log-saving function
    -Fast and convenient link query functionality
    -Highly usable speed dialing functionality
    -Support T9 in searching contacts
    -Easy and convenient grouping of selected links
    -Easy to make links of selected items or to add them to a group
    -Send mass mails to selected list
    -Fast contact input
    -Support post-processing with quick addition of functionalities
    -Support addition, deletion and renaming of a group
    -Convenient section index tab functionality for sorted address book
    -Support full search of items in address book
    -Support keypad vibration for number input